Lose 2-4 Inches Off Your Waist And Create That Sexy Hourglass Figure That You've Always Wanted In...
Just 30 Days!
We help women shed that stubborn belly fat by using body contouring garments that help support and shape the waistline so you can look fabulous, embrace your femininity and feel confident in your body!

You’re not just a customer, you’re a client and a friend. We love to build lifelong relationships with our #luxxdolls through our community of empowering women.

Luxx Curves could change your life!

I understand that this is a bold statement but you will never fully understand the power of waist training until you try it yourself or witness the results from someone who has.
Everyday, I have some beautiful Dolls that will happily share with me how the Luxx Curves waist trainer has changed their lives and how it has helped them to develop a great sense of confidence in their own skin. I want this for every woman!

Why Waist Train?

Short, tall, thick, slim... we've got the trainer for you!

Develop An Hourglass Figure
Luxx Dolls will experience their waistlines shrinking and as the waist becomes smaller, the body appears more hourglass and shapely!
Lose Belly Fat
The Luxx Curves trainer may help Luxx Dolls rapidly shed stubborn belly fat. The 3 layer technology is developed to shape the body by tucking in the belly fat and love handles. The fat no longer just hangs below the belt line and thus the stomach muscles are being engaged throughout the day. Wear the waist trainer while eating and you'll notice a reduction in appetite leading to smaller meal portions and fewer calories consumed throughout the day.
Postpartum Benefits
The whole concept of Luxx Curves was created due to a family history of postpartum belly wrapping . For generations women would wrap they bellies with cotton cloths for 3 months postpartum to help bounce back to their pre-pregnancy bodies.

Women who have worn Luxx Curves postpartum have reported a reducton in belly fat much faster than with their first pregnancy. Women have also experienced that the waist trainer may help with loose skin and closing diastasis recti.
Instantly Slim Your Waistline
The moment you put on your Luxx Curves waist trainer you notice a 1-3 inch reduction in your waist line! Great for wearing under a tight dress for an amazing figure!
Reduce Back Pain
A great benefit of the Luxx Curves trainer comes from the flexi-steel boning. It's the support system of the trainer, it's what sucks in your gut and provides support to your spine. Our Luxx Dolls notice better posture instantaneously and after only two weeks back pain related to posture may subside. 
Thick or Slim?
Waist training isn't just for us thick girls, it's also amazing for very thin ladies who are looking to develop a more shapely figure.

See for yourself some of our REAL Luxx Doll's results...

“Luxx Curves is one of the most transparent companies I've ever purchased from. Tatiana cares about the Luxx Dolls and she is always sharing the best tips and tricks for health and fitness. I LOVE my Luxx Curves waist trainer. To be honest I don't even know how waist trainers work, but they work! I've lost 4 inches from my waistline and I feel more confident than I did in my teenage years! Thank you Luxx”

Kindra - Luxx Curves Client


  • These waist trainers are comfortable for people who have never waist trained before and yet still effective for intermediate and advanced waist trainees. Everyone should have the traditional waist trainer in their closet.
  • ​Our traditional waist trainers are made from three layers of materials for maximum comfort and effectiveness. 
  • ​They are made with 9 flexi-steel bones to support your spine vertically. 
  • ​Three rows of hooks and eyes with each row being one inch apart so that you can get the most out of your waist trainer. 
  • ​The are designed to be longer in the front and shorter in the back for all-day comfort while you sit, drive, exercise and go about your day.
  • ​Available in three different torso lengths. Your torso is the distance between under your bust to your hip bones. We all have different torso lengths. 
  • ​Short torso 9"
  • ​Medium torso 11.5"
  • Long torso 14"
  • Recommendation: Everyone.





  • Worried about back fat? No problem! The vest waist trainer covers a good portion of your back to conceal fat and shape the back. These trainers are similar to the traditional waist trainer, except that they have straps!
  • ​No need to worry about back fat with the vest waist trainer!
  • Made with three layers of materials for maximum comfort and effectiveness.
  • Made with 9 flexi-steel bones to support your spine vertically.
  • Three rows of hooks and eyes with each row being one inch apart so that you can get the most out of your waist trainer.
  • One length all around helps pull in belly fat.
  • Available in beige, black and pink leopard pattern.
  • Available in sizes XS - 4XL

  • Recommendation: Anyone worried about back fat.
  • This fitness belt is another must-have product! Wear it while you are taking a walk, cleaning the house, exercising at the gym or even while you're sitting all day at the office! It's one of our most versatile waist trainers and it's 100% latex-free.
  • ​Two layers of compression for ultimate cinching at the smallest part of the waist.
  • 100% latex-free.
  • Easy on, easy off! Made with velcro for convenience and safety.
  • Attractive to wear over clothing.
  • Plastic boning for back support.
  • Heats the core for maximum fat-burning results.
  • Available in pink and black.
  • Available in sizes XS - 3XL.

  • Recommendation: Active bodies.
  • ​Ready to level up? The 25 steel bone waist trainer is exactly what you need! This trainer will help completely flatten out your belly and take your waist shaping to a whole new level. Achieve that sexy hourglass figure with the 25 steel bone waist trainer. 

  • ​Available in the eyes and hooks version or the zipper version. Please follow the size chart as each version requires different sizing.
  • ​25 flexi-steel bones for extra back support and body shaping.
  • ​Available in two versions; with the zipper or with the hooks.
  • ​Latex exterior, cotton interior for maximum comfort.
  • ​One length all around.
  • ​Available only in black latex.
  • ​Available in sizes XS-2XL.

  • ​Recommendation: Women who want to take waist training to another level.
  • The double compression waist trainer offers two layers of compression to tuck in all your belly fat and get you the best results.
  • ​Two layers of compression, the first layer is similar to the traditional waist trainer with hooks and eyes and the second layer has a zipper to snatch you up
  • ​Full-back for complete coverage.
  • ​Adjustable straps to customize your fit.
  • ​Available in black and beige colors.
  • ​Available in sizes Small to 4XL.

  • ​Recommendation: Women who want extra support around the mid-section
  • ​This is the men's version of the latex waist trainer. Waist training isn't just for women! You can wear this waist trainer all day long or choose to only wear it while you workout. The outer latex material will lock in heat and initiate a thermogenic effect within your body. Your internal body temperature will rise which will make you sweat more and burn more calories throughout the day! This waist trainer is most comfortable when worn with a muscle shirt underneath it. 
  • Concealable under clothing.
  • ​Latex exterior encourages a thermogenic effect to take place within the body, for rapid weight loss.
  • Flexible latex material moves with your body.
  • ​Available in black latex only.
  • ​Available in sizes Small to 3XL.

  • ​Recommendation: Men
  • ​No butt? No problem! We’ve got butt lifters to complement the sexy hourglass figure you’ll achieve with our waist trainers! Butt lifters are going to lift up the bum to create a perkier derrière! The butt lifter won’t magically make you gain 10lbs in your behind but it will give you the subtle lift to enhance your body silhouette. We offer three types of butt lifters.
  • Black & Beige colors.
  • ​Extra tummy and thigh control.
  • Make your booty pop with this butt lifter!
  • ​Available in sizes Small to 4XL.

  • ​Recommendation: Anyone
  • ​Throw this on for an instant Brazilian Butt Lift! This butt lifter is great for anyone looking to wear a short skirt or crop. 
  • Short version of the butt lifter great for short dresses.
  • Make your booty pop with this butt lifter!

  • ​Recommendation: Anyone

We also have...

Waist trainer extenders! Is your waist trainer just a LITTLE bit too small? We’ve got a solution for that! Our extenders are meant to help you get that waist trainer on so that you don’t have to return it for a bigger size. The extenders are exclusively made to fit our traditional waist trainers. 

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